Lets try that again

So, I am feeling a bit better.
Not just in the food department, but in the general health department.
I had a chest infection, which really kicked my ass.
It’s still kicking it, but not so severely.

Last night I had my first erotic dream about Rambo.
I’ve only been waiting for nearly a year.
It felt good to know that he is still in my thoughts, as I’ve not done anything with him lately that could warrent writing about. I’ve not even picked up Tears and Rain lately.

Though, I did have a good review on ff.net /sarcasm.
You know I have this nervousness when it comes to posting my stuff up on there and it’s reviews like that one which make the nervousness justified!

So, this evening. I am going to come up with a new Rambo picture, just because I can.
It has been far far too long.