We all just want to be big Rockstars.

I went to a careers fair today in Lincoln; and while it wasn’t the most productive thing going for me as an Illustrator I did start talking to one of the lovely people on the Rockstar Games stands. Always great to talk to someone about a hobby and passion. Yet, I am always faced with the same sort of thing; be it for tabletop/war gaming or computer gaming. A strange look or questioning glance about if I am really interested or just humoring someone to be polite.
It wasn’t until I told this particular gentleman that I used to hardcore raid four nights a week as a tank, healer and/or DPS in Warcraft (Depending on the group that was raiding) and was currently hooked on Dragon Age that he started taking me that little bit mroe seriously.
He told me a bit about what they were looking for and we spoke a deal about Concept Art and Game/Character design etc and he signed me up for the list of people about in Lincoln interested in the area and game bug testing; which was great.

I know that the general idea about girl gamers isn’t the most positive. But please, not all of us are overweight, lazy, smelly girls that wear hoodies to cover up their curves! Not that I am claiming to be a Sex Goddess either; but just because a girl aproaches dressed in decent clothing doesn’t mean she is all about fashion! (Fashion student stereotype rant here plz!)


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