Smaller update

Dissertation writing has been going well over the weekemd, nearly got the main body of text done; just have a little more to add today then it can be ready by an outside source!

I am currently in the process of selling off a lot of my alts and life items for the gae Furcadia. I adore the game still, I love going on there and chatting with the friends that I have made throughout my years on there. I just don’t need the lifers and alts any more. It was my aim to make £75 out of these items so that I can treat myself after my dissertation writing efforts. Thankfully, I am doing really well and have thus far got £55! Yay!

What do I intend to do with this money?
Well, I am going to fill out my fast attack choices and get a full squad of scout bikes!

Now to get that dissertation finished! 😀