I think it’s only normal for people to have a crisis of faith in themselves. Honestly, I am no exception to this. My life and emotions are always filled with highs and lows.
Right now, after a week of brilliant highs, I am on the crash again.
How do I overcome it? Well, I talk with people around me which always helps no end. The rest of the time or when I am struggling to be heard; I use my blog.

Right now; with the onset of winter, a time that I feel I should love, but does me no good. I am feeling somewhat low. Mostly about myself, and I feel like I need some sort of change. Not artwork-wise, but with myself.
It has been the longest time since I felt like I was something decent to look at and I absolutely hate it!

So, when I go home; back to Manchester I am going to take all of my clothes with me and either throw away or burn the ones that really don’t make me feel any good about myself anymore. I shall get my partner to help me figure out my body shape with me and I shall actually follow fashion advice. Purely because I am fed up of feeling unattractive! I’d like to be fun Jenn, but I would also like to be able to feel good about myself at the same time.