I’ll find you.

I had a kick in the teeth from Rambo over the weekend, and I wish is was as pleasant as that sounds! He has really been kicking my ass hard to get me to do things with him today and I’ve tried my best to ignore him. (Which I feel terrible about.)

I’ve just got a few other things on my plate right now Johnny and I would appreciate a little bit of time to do them!


I have a question.

How do all you other fangirls out there go about commissioning artists or writers to do something with your chosen pair? I’ve always been a bit hesitant to ask others to draw an OC with a canon character of any kind, but when your dealing with a character as high profile as Rambo..? How do you go about it?
I’d just love to see someone else’s take on Rambo and Kiz, but still feel that little bit daft asking or approaching the subject.


A post about someone else is in the works.
Had a fun weekend that I would like to elaborate on; but am too tired right now.

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