In relation to my last post..

I am actually away from where I normally post right now, which is why updates have been pretty slim. Staying with my parents is always a good time; I am now back in the house I grew up in. Tomorrow I have to sort out some of my old things, which is going to be a blast! No doubt I will be reminded more things to post about.

However in relation to my last post. We played the Indiana Jones game on the Wii. Beating up Germans with a piano, fighting them with plates and a whole host of other things, and just plain shooting them was great fun! Difficult, but fun. I do not own a Wii-Box so it is a rather big treat for me to play it, and getting to be Indiana Jenny again was just so much fun!

I shall update again with a bigger post as when I can think of something new that I want to confess; and have a bit more time.

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