"Will you read my Fanfiction?"

Believe it or not, I get asked this question a fair amount. Maybe it’s because I have been on FF.net for a long time? I don’t know why I get asked it, but I do.

My answer is always going to be the same; and I feel a bit mean for it, but my answer is always going to be a big, fat, NO.

“But Fangirl, your the Queen of Fangirls, thats mean.” I hear you cry!
And yes, it is seeing as people read mine and give me a review on the odd occasion and sometimes they even give me great tips and hints to improve my writing skills. All this is appreciated, although I don’t always read my reviews until months later cause I don’t tend to lurk on my Fanfiction account page, I just upload my stuff then move on to either write some more or just do something else for a while.
I don’t return the favour, I would love for me to have a reason or an excuse; like I don’t have the time or people don’t write stuff that I am interested in.

So why don’t I?
I guess it just comes down to the fact that whenever I have read Fanfiction 95% of it is crap.
Sorry, but that is just the hard boiled truth of it.

  • As far as I can tell, not many Fanfiction writers have the ability to get inside the head of another persons character and keep them In Character and true to themselves.
  • Also I really, really dislike slash. Homosexuality in homosexual characters is absolutely fine. However when you get say, Cloud bumming Sephiroth or Zack or… anyone really, it just doesn’t settle with me. Or Chris butt fucking Wesker, I’m sorry, just no. I mean, having Wesker wear a lilac shirt in the movie was bad enough character translation!
  • Poorly thought out characters make me want to cry. Sure; everyone likes getting the hot guy or girl, but no one is perfect. Yet so many Original Characters to go in these Fanfictions are. It makes me sad.
  • Personally, I have not seen an anime series for years. So there is often a topic or interest clash, but now I am just making up excuses.

Reading Fanfiction most often makes me rage. So why do I write it? By no means is my stuff perfect.
I write Fanfiction, because I find it fun. I put it on FF.net as an archive of my writing, nothing more.

Gosh, one day I’ll get the post I intended to write up!
Soz for rant!

3 Replies to “"Will you read my Fanfiction?"”

  1. Zoe says:

    Hi 🙂
    I know what you mean entirely here. Especially with one of the fan fictions that you kindly decided to share with me x.x
    (Note to Self: Don't ask Jenn to read my work :P)
    You go girl!


  2. Bluebear77100 says:

    I admit to have given in at one point in my past and have written a slash story just to see how many would read and review it. I was amazed by how many read that one compared to the other story that is non-slash which I care much more for over all.

    Still, I have continued the slash story even though I have yet to write another slash scene and find myself highly reluctant to do so. I keep the story for what I find to be an interesting plot developing as well as the characters. ('Unexpected Sentiment' is the title of that story). I guess my reluctance to write more slash into that story may be because I like to provide believable characters with depth. Sex, in my opinion anyway, just doesn't factor in to that all too much.

    Though again, I admit, I have written other stories which include brief scenes of slash for other fandoms that have not been published and try to find decent fics out there (not a whole lot exist unfortunately) so I'm not going to pretend I'm all against yaoi or anything.

    I just will always choose an interesting story over mindless sex tales. (Especially the ones where the characters aren't even remotely feasible. That drives me crazy! um..Chris crazy in love with Wesker or vice versa? All right, if you're gonna try and sell that to me, I'm gonna need an entire background of events which occurred to make such a thing possible). If you're going to have slash, it must be made plausible to me or I immediately lose interest.

    Okay, I've blathered on for long enough!!! If you are ever looking for something to read, I am pretty proud of my story titled, 'Resident Evil: Power of Sin' and also the sequel which I am currently working on titled,'Resident Evil: The Umbrella Legacy'. These stories are NOT slash stories and I enjoy writing fan fiction stories, putting real effort into the plot, characters, etc. Genuine criticism would be appreciated.

    If you don't care to read my work then you may simply disregard this message! =)


  3. Janessa says:

    That hits the target dead ceenrt! Great answer!


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