Weekly Necromunda Report: 1

Not exactly much of a report this one, but the start of something new.

I didn’t initially plan to actually make this into a thing on here, but I thought it was pretty much in the boundaries of what I use this place for.
Anyway, Necromunda Gang. It kind of fits in with my fan-girling, purely because of who is in my Gang.
The role call so far consists of;

Rambo – Gang Leader
Terminator – Heavy
Alan “Dutch” Schaefer – Heavy
Hicks – Ganger
John McClane – Ganger.

On the way is Sgt Todd, of Soldier fame who I have the parts for, but have as of yet have not stuck him together.

These are the models so far, unsprayed, unpainted and in pretty basic starter glory, but here they are all the same.

My apologies for the pretty poor picture, I didn’t have my bigger camera charged so I had to use my smaller digital one.

It’s just a very basic dream-team so far, but it’ll be really good fun playing out a game with these guys and keeping myself inspired with action and the ideas will hopefully flow into fan-fiction and all manner of silly things like it.
Wish them luck, because with someone like me telling them what to do they will certainly need it!

A battle report shall be coming as soon as they have actually got a full gang, and played a battle.

2 Replies to “Weekly Necromunda Report: 1”

  1. […] When it comes to neglected models they don’t come much more neglected (In my collection) than this one. It’s a kit-bashed model of Rambo that I made up for my first Necromunda Gang the Expendables which kicked off my blog way, way back in 2011. […]


  2. […] model was started way back in 2011 as a part of my original Necromunda gang and thanks to Heretic Debs daily challenges I picked him up and got him all finished off […]


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