Skaejre Bust


Another speed paint video for you – I wanted to see how things looked when finishing a picture with colours and such.

I think I made the colouring part of the video a bit too quick though, it’s a bit difficult to keep up with it – something to remember for the next one!

I currently host my videos on youtube; WordPress does have the option of uploading videos, but you need to have a premium account for it (and not the cheapest option either) so I am thinking of ways I can afford this and potentially make the upgrade. For the time being I’ll have to use YouTube and hope that it all goes okay.

I would much prefer to keep things ‘in house’ but when that’s not an option others have to be explored!

The character is Skaejre, the ‘main’ character from my Sea of Souls project.




Blogging Branding – You want what!?

Hello again everyone.

I think this part of the Blogging University is where I need to be super objective and look over all the wonderful background stat stuff and see whats popular and what-not.

The most popular post on this blog; throughout the many years it has been this one. I know it’s because of the Dark Heresy resource on it! Other popular posts are generally centred on Warhammer and hobby related activities – I think that this could be that it’s a popular ‘thing’ anyway. There are a lot of hobbiests out there and it’s awesome seeing what others do and being able to share my own stuff and have people interested in it is really nice.

When it comes to tags and categories though, it’s art. Which makes me the happiest ever! So, I am thinking that the direction of the blog should be art and hobby related. There are some posts and categories I have on the side bar that I’ve not used/posted under for a good few months, so I might have to have a bit of a spring clean and remove some of them – and expand on the ones that I have left! Like, Movie Reviews (July 2016) clearly, I’m not so into that anymore and because it’s not adding a great deal to the blog, I don’t think it’s really needed anymore. Video Gaming (March 2017) is also in a similar boat! As is Writing (Feb 2017) so there are some options for streamlining there.

Some input on this would be wonderful!
When you come to my blog, what is it you come to read? What is it you look for?

Incidentally, the most commented on stuff if stuff from my personal life and drama!

Devon Speed Lines


So, thanks to Amanda May, I was inspired to try my hand at doing some videos of me drawing/lining in some work.

The video itself is a little bit ‘rough and ready’ because it’s the first time I’ve done anything like this.

Also, the line art is from 2007, I found it while updating my art archives on dA, but I figured it was good enough to use as a test run for speed painting/drawing videos.

I can’t promise I’ll do this for every picture I draw; especially some of the ones that take me longer to create – like the Primarchs. It’s just a bit of fun and to see if I could do it for myself.

Just a little something for those who may, or may not, be interested in seeing my process

Blogging Branding – Adaptive views

Day three of the Blogging Branding course from The WordPress University.

Today, it was all about having an adaptive theme; I admit, this isn’t something I have thought about before. I am a laptop user as such I have tended to assume that everyone else is! So hopefully, things will be a bit better looking for those who would like to read the blog via a tablet or mobile phone.

Seeing as this isn’t something that I use or am overly familiar with would those who are please give me some feedback on how things look and if there is something that looks fundamentally broken please tell me!!

I also added my reading list to the side bar of my blog, so that I can easily find the blogs that I like to visit on a regular basis.

Ethan Russo – Concept and creation


I’ve been working a bit more on Ethan Russo, a character from my Sea of Souls project. It was this character that started off the whole thing as it was him that (oh so cliche) came to me in a dream – with his portal nightmare in tow.

It’s taken me a while to work him out and I’ve got a long way to go!

His surname; Russo, came from looking at my father drinks cabinet and seeing a bottle of Russo limoncello; hardly exciting stuff as it’s a common name, but I’ve often taken inspiration for names from things around me.

For example, Argur – Feracils demon – is named after a particularly smelly cheese!


Out of the two sets, I don’t know which one I prefer – the top of the two was how Ethan originally looked, but I have precious little of him drawn so I wouldn’t be losing any sense of attachment or anything if I did switch.

I think the best way to go forward is to do some more sketching and writing and see what sticks.

Blogging Branding – The Audit

This is more or less where I fell down last time I tried this Blogging Univeristy course. I never like to think of myself or my blog as a ‘brand’ or something to be sold – it feels far, far too personal for that. I’m not here to make money from my blog, I am here to write and share my thoughts and creations with the world (or whoever would like to see them)

So being objective about myself and how I would like to be seen is really difficult – I like the idea of being a casual person online, like, it’s be great to have this little following of people that ‘dig’ my stuff, but are also really helpful and question what I do! And, to be fair, I think my blog already reflects this ideal.

A lot of the other stuff, I think I did when I looked at this course before – streamlined my tags, categories and things. So yeah. I don’t think there is much more I can do for todays tasks.

Feracil Pop Star


This came about via an ask on my Sea of Souls tumblr

I enjoy doing art prompts, they give me a chance to draw things that I wouldn’t normally think of.

Also, Feracil being a Pop Star is waaaay out of character, cause, he doesn’t sing!