Seeing as I am on a bit of a Day of the Dead kick, I thought I should draw more than just Rhodes and my OC.

I always liked Steel as a character, he is the light-hearted offering in an otherwise dreary, depressing film. There is a certain charm about him and honestly, this piece of fan art is somewhat over-due.

Pvt Steel was played by Gary Howard Klar in the 1985 movie, Day of the Dead

How to introduce yourself


I have always been a cautious, over-thinker.

Fearful of what I might end up doing or how things might turn out if I completely commit to them. What changes will my dedication bring out in myself and what will I have to sacrifice and “miss-out” on while I am blindly following my latest ‘calling’ without even knowing what that truly is.

As such, I have done ‘everything’ dipping my toes in here and there with whatever takes my fancy – Illustration, Photography, Painting, Doodling, Card-Making and so on. Chasing ‘goals’ that never get reached and thus leave a hollow feeling and thoughts of ‘not being good enough.’

Everything in the past few months has been happening by ‘happy accidents.’ I picked up my old Canon Eos 20D to take a few snaps of my Sisters Warhammer Models.

I continued down this track for a little while, getting used to using my camera again; but quickly noticed the limitations of my kit. The Canon is now 15 years old and certainly showing signs of wear and tear.

So I treated myself to an Upgrade, but a Nikon this time – I thought out of the cameras on offer that the Nikon seemed the better option and seeing as I was replacing my knowledge and starting over moving over to a new system and style of camera wasn’t an issue, though I know there has been a long standing rivalry between the manufacturers!

Another ‘happy accident’ was joining Bury Photographic Society; their meetings are within easy walking distance of my house and I was looking for something to do on an evening to stop me from “just being a Mum.” Which has also renewed my interest in Photography further, the exposure to different subjects via the Society has been wonderful and eye opening. I always seem to leave the meetings with a combination of ‘Inspired and intimidated.’ It’s a wonderful feeling and because I am shrugging off goals that rely on numbers and growth that isn’t personal, I don’t feel like I have to rush down this path but enjoy the process of learning.

The next ‘happy accident’ happened just recently. I was speaking to Stuart Rixon about Photography organising software, as my laptop is a bit of a mess with photographs, unorganised all over the place and he mentioned Lightroom. I’ve always a been hesitant to purchase it due to it being a subscription; but I already love it!

The last, happy accident is this blog. It’s the one that I am still the most ‘fearful’ of. I have been saying that my photography is something that I’m going to keep for myself, that I don’t have to share all over the place to know that I am doing. I don’t need to be seen to be doing; but as time has passed a bit, I thought it might help me to find that little bit more focus and dedication to the creative process and a good way to document how my photography style changes and grows with me. It’s personal in a way, but I also wanted to share it and have some input; it would also be a good way to get some fun photography contacts in the directions that I wished to head in!

I am interested in textures at the moment with a developing interest in Urbex. I have always had a fondness for broken things, abandoned places and all those unearthly secrets that I can uncover with a camera.

So, here I am, drawing a line in the sands of my journey so that I can not shrug off what has come before because I cannot deny the paths that I have already walked, but so that I can move on from them and give myself the time to grow in a more positive direction and have fun while I am doing it – without feeling the need to spread my ‘achievements’ far and wide.

What did you do?

what did you do

I am so used to Rhodes looking intense or mean that this was really jarring for me to see, let alone draw.
What did you do!?
I’ve still got a long way to go with my art and drawings and such, but I am glad that expressions are coming along more than they used too~

Gun bandoliers are still a pain in the butt!

rhodes toplessI was going to create a ‘reference’ image of Rhodes for future use, but I figured that his outfits wouldn’t deviate much from what he wears canon-ly in Day of the Dead so it turned into this instead.

I was thinking of infuriating aspects that I could add to his personality even in such a simple image – which is why his boot laces are untied!

Can’t run away from the undead hordes without tripping over with your laces untied! Idiot.

I am so back into this fandom and I am even contemplating writing a fanfiction with them again.

I’ve never really had much success when it comes to writing them before because I’ve always doubted my skills and struggled for a setting and solid idea for them; I think I might have cracked this now.

Just need to get started on it.

Until then, please enjoy this image of Rhodes topless as much as humanly possible!!

When the devil calls

when the devil comes

I’ve been back into the whole “Day of the Dead” fandom lately. It’s funny how these things get kicked back into our brains.

I was looking to see if The Walking Dead was available to watch on Netflix (It isn’t) but as a result it showed me Day of the Dead: Bloodline. It was all downhill from there.

I’ve been mostly enjoying sharing artwork and thoughts over on an instagram account that I made for the purposes of enjoying the ‘fandom.’ I state fandom in that way because quite honestly, there is only really me making content for it; and the occasional piece of fan art from others. It’s pretty lonely, but I think it’s also what I needed right about now. Something that I can casually enjoy and think about while I am going about my usual day to day.

It’s also great cause I have a lot that I can share from throughout the years; collaborations, giftarts, drawings and the likes to keep me inspired.

But, I thought it would be an awesome thing to share on here as well, cause Day of the Dead has been one of my longer term fandoms; dating back to 2004ish. When was at animal college and really discovered horror movies. I remember making a leaflet about sympathy for the zombies from that movie for my IT project; I didn’t take IT seriously!

But yeah, have a picture of Kiz and Rhodes – it’s certainly nothing ground breaking, but it’s a start down this nightmare track again~



I was having no end of troubles with my photography equipment today and I’m still not really sure what was going on.

It looked like there was a film or something over the front of my lens – or there was too much light or some such, but with good olde photoshop I managed to get  something workable!

I’ve been trying to tie up smaller, loose ends before the end of the year. This particular unit of Space Marines was one of them! I believe they are from a starter box-set circa 1993. Originally given to my husband, by his eldest brother, when he was a young lad himself. They got put into our legendary bits box and I reclaimed them for my Space Marine Battle Company when I only had a tactical squad slot left!

They were also a great few models to use to get the painting bug back – they’re old so I wouldn’t feel guilty if I ‘messed up’ – I’m actually pretty pleased with how they turned out and are some of the better models I have done to date.

It’s great to see some improvement in my painting skills.

I’m working on my 5 man Primaris Squad at the moment, so when they’re done I shall share a picture of them too and hope I don’t have the same issues with the camera as I did with these ones.

This is the unedited image, if anyone can point out the obvious as to what I’ve done wrong, please let me know!?


Ultramarine Pin-Up


A lot of my artwork is inspired by silly conversation over on Twitter. When discovering that there is someone out there who has as much need for Pin Up Space Marines as I do, I had to get back to work on that sort of thing!

It also fits in with the whole, trying to get better at drawing Space Marines thing, that I have going on at the moment.

The challenge is to do enough of these for a calendar. I won’t be able to get them done in time for 2019, I am not that fast, but I shall look into getting something sorted for 2020. I may look into doing my own KickStarter or some such, if the idea gets enough traction! As I sadly, cannot afford to create something like this out of my own pockets. We shall see! It will be good fun to draw them up regardless~

If you have any ideas for specific Chapters for the calendar, let me know!?