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On the commission post, I touched upon the use for the image – No Imperium Sky – I am happy to be able to share the video with you all here now. There are two episodes available to watch. Linked below. The first episode is…

No Imperium Sky

This was a supremely awesome commission I was asked to do some time ago for a certain authors birthday. I’d pretty much forgotten about this commission, seeing as I couldn’t post it right away due to it being for a birthday present. Then coming to…

Commission: ADB

Seeing as I am starting things again after a bit of a break – it probably feels longer to me than it actually has been – I thought I would write out a bit of a list of models that I’ve still yet to work…

On the workbench

Commission for Daemon_Hammer Wow, this was a big one! It was fantastic to do and, as usual, a welcome challenge compared to the regular busts. I’ve been trying to think of ways that I can make these artwork/commission posts a little more interesting. It is…

Commission: Iron Hawks



Commission for Bigg Ogor. Bigg Ogor is a new Facebook Page, documenting the owners hobby journey. Well worth a follow if Facebook is your sort of thing.

Commission: Ogre

Commission for Daemon_Hammer. The Sisters of Battle were the first Warhammer 40k army that I ever played as and collected – although my time with the ladies was notoriously brief. Therefore this commission made me smile; it’s the first time I’ve ever drawn one of…

Commission: Sister of Battle

As previously mentioned the weekly DnD group have been playing in the Skyfire world, created by our regular GM, Ben. This has been a bit of a change of direction compared to our usual sessions as Ben brought over a large table mat on which…

Cailan: Lvl 2 Paladin



It’s back to the Space Marine busts! This one for Liam The Geek. As nice as it has been to play away and draw some other races in the Warhammer Universe it’s always nice to return to the old favourites.

Commission – Crimson Fist



Work has been going on with the Lizardmen. My previous post about them really inspired me to keep pushing on with them – as there’s so little left of them to do. This one was relatively quick to finish off as most of the base…

Lizardmen: Skink Wizard



Commission for Veteranewb. This lovely fellow was a blast to draw. It’s given me a new-fonder feeling for Genestealer Cults. I love his cheerfully, sneaky smile. As with the previous post I am super grateful that I’ve been commissioned to draw something other than a…

Commission – Genestealer Cult