Blogging Branding – Again

Since the streamlining of my websites and general internet usage; I feel like my blog needs to become my main ‘hub’ here. As in, search TragicFangirl on google, you get me. This place – not my dA or twitter. I am thinking that going through the Blogging Branding Course via the WordPress University again. See if retaking the course helps me reach the goals I have in mind.

Step one is.. writing down my goals, setting them down in ‘stone’

  • Gain 20% more followers – I don’t have that many in the grand scheme of things. So, gaining another 20% is only actually 19 people! I don’t think that’s too hard an achievement.
  • Work a reliable publishing schedule – At the moment, I post on an ‘as and when’ basis, so I’d really like to find a method to my posting that works for me and my readers too.
  • Growth by reaching out – Overcome my ‘blocks’ when it comes to commenting on other peoples blogs and posts. Likes are nice to give and receive, but I won’t ‘get anywhere’ unless I speak to others too.

I think the questions posed in the Blogging University Course email are really interesting ones and they make me feel a bit self reflective on what I am doing and where I am heading.

Why do I blog?
My reasons for this has changed since the conception of the blog. At first, I went down a nostalgic journey over the ‘things in my life that have made me smile.’ Now, I’m heading down the path of ‘I would like feedback and followers for my creative ideas’

If my blog exceeded my wildest dreams…?
I’d love to have more comments and feedback on my posts. A little community of followers that voiced their opinions on my hobbies and creative ideas – which are intrinsically linked.

I don’t think that any of this is wildly unobtainable; it’s just going to take a bit of work and effort on my part!

Of course, any thoughts and feedback from my current followers would be greatly appreciated.


Skaejre Beast

Skaejre Beast

Feral creatures really aren’t my forte! (If anyone would like to draw her feral form for me, I’d love that no end!!) I did away with the ‘extras’ like the horns, spines and spikes etc; so she might be a bit plain now. I don’t know! But, enjoy none the less.

This was originally drawn a fair few years ago (Probably 2007?) I just finally got around to lining and colouring it digitally seeing as I am back on the game plan with this whole Sea of Souls thing!

Original Image

More Aesthetic Boards

Ev Board 1

Farrell Board 1

Severance Board 1

A few more Aesthetic Boards for Sea of Souls characters.

Everard, the Templar and Relic Hunter.

Sky Captain Farrell

Severance – the bad guy!

Just though I would share these with everyone here, seeing as things feel like that have been a bit of a lull – I don’t know why, cause I have been busy, busy, busy getting on with the project.

Boards are a lot of fun and I feel as the characters grow and change, I can do more with them. They’re good for getting ideas out on ‘paper’ quickly.

Guest Art – Thiccs


A part of keeping myself inspired by personal projects and things has always been being able to get commissions from other people.

So, when I got back into Sea of Souls, I thought I’d buy a picture or two of some of the cast – most of the people I know on art sites are anthro/furry artists so most of the art will probably be of Skaejre, until I get to know a few more faces.

This is by Thiccs on DeviantArt~


Aesthetic Boards

After a wonderful long weekend away, I thought I would have something a bit more to show or write about – instead, I feel a little uninspired and drained.

Sadly, I got precious little done to Sea of Souls other than adding a few passages to the Snowflake Method document; which is something I suppose. I need to focus on the positive side of things! I got something done and took another small step towards ‘completion’


I did make up some Aesthetic Boards up towards the end of last week – these are a lot of fun to make up and are great for trying to convey a concept for a character quickly.

I’d like to make up different boards for various characters to try and keep myself inspired while working on the actual story layout, etc.

Skaejre ref & notes

I’ve been loosely toying with the idea of dragging up ‘Sea of Souls‘ from the depths again.

I’ve always wanted to play with characters from a rich world, who are all connected together in some larger story somehow – I’d originally been thinking of changing my furry characters into ‘humans’ in an alternative universe, but the idea didn’t pan out too well so I abandoned it.

I’ve brought up ‘Sea of Souls’ a couple of times on this blog, but somehow it’s always slipped by me. I’ve never really known how to take on such a big project and become overwhelmed by it and the ideas I have had for it! I feel like I want to take on this project once again, but at the same time I feel hesitant.

I know there are some concepts in this project – mostly Skaejre (pictured above) and her profession. She is a Soul Forager which is pretty much a Death Shaman/Druid.

“A hunter of the dying. It is her role – along with her kinsmen – to find the Souls of those on the brink of death and take the remnants of their life and add it to their own. Or to spare them; depending on their whim.”

I just think this concept might be a bone of contention.

Yet, why should I care? I came up with the idea back in 2007/08 sometime! I know I can’t let the potential actions of others stop me doing something I would like to do; and yet, it’s harder to let go of that thought more than I’d like to say.

All I really want, is to work on something that I could leave as some sort of ‘legacy’ for my son. Something that we can both be proud of some-day. Ha. Saying that makes me feel really, lame, I guess? But, I am determined to be able to say ‘I did that,’ to him one day and it be something I can be proud of.

Uploading a simple reference picture here is a start, while I figure out the next steps to take in this, where to host the project and all that complicated thought process stuff that goes on in the background.